Bike and Ped Projects


PM&E W. 32nd & E. 33rd Ave. Upgrades

This project addresses roadway, drainage, and safety deficiencies by repaving, replacing aging hydraulic infrastructure, and adding more lighting.

Check out the Draft Design Study Report here:

Downtown Trail Connection

The Downtown Trail Connection Project will identify and study alternatives for connecting the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail to the Ship Creek Trail in downtown Anchorage. 

Completed and Ongoing AMATS Projects

Completed Projects

· Arctic Boulevard Bike Lanes 

· DeArmoun Road Bike Lanes

· Elmore Road Bike Lanes & Shoulder   Signing

· Hillside Drive Shoulder Signing

· Old Seward Highway Bike Lanes & Shoulder Signing

· Turnagain Parkway Shared Road

· Wisconsin Street Bike Lanes

· Patterson Street Sidewalk

· Boniface Parkway Sidewalk

· C Street Bike Lanes 

· Peterkin Avenue Bike Boulevard

· Eagle River Road Bike Lanes 

· Eagle River Loop Road Shoulder Signing 

· Benson Boulevard Trail Rehabilitation

Ongoing Projects

· Pine Street / McCarrey Street Bike Lanes – In Design (2020 Construction)

· Mountain View Drive Pathway – In Design (2020 Construction)

· Fish Creek Trail Rehabilitation – In Design  (2018/2019 Construction)


Check out the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions (AMATS) plan for more information on these projects.

Anchorage Bike Plan 2010 and Anchorage Pedestrian Plan 2007

The bike plan features expansion of bicycle facilities, improving bicycling networks, increase public awareness and improve safety of bicycling routes. The pedestrian plan strives to create safe and efficient routes for pedestrians to travel.

MOA Non-Motorized Plan Update

The AMATS Non-Motorized Plan outlines potential connections for commuting and recreating on the multi-modal roads and trails of Anchorage to better connect the community.

More information on the Non-Motorized plan can be found here:

Vision Zero Implementation

Vision Zero aims to have zero fatalities on roadways. 

More information on Vision Zero in Anchorage can be found here in the 2016 report:

2019 Construction

See how current construction may affect your journey.