Bike Anchorage


Bike Anchorage strongly supports making Anchorage a more bicycle-friendly city. They strive to promote a safer multi-modal infrastructure for cyclists, advocating for Complete Streets designs around town. They encourage safe cycling education and advocate for state-wide bike laws that enhance bike safety.

Single Track Advocates


Singletrack Advocates creates and maintains the local single tracks around Anchorage for mountain biking and recreation. Since 2004, they have created 24 miles of mountain biking trails and continue to improve and build more trails at Kincaid Park and Hillside.

Arctic Bike Club


The Arctic Bike Club provides resources for the biking community to connect with each other and promotes cycling as a healthy activity for all ages. A non-profit, the club helps coordinate bike racing including mountain, road and cyclocross races.

League of American Bicyclists


The League of American Bicyclists has been around since 1880 and continues to promote the freedom and benefits that bicycling brings to the community. Their mission is to create safer communities, promote economic growth and a cleaner environment through bicycling. 



The Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services promotes the health of the community, including through encouraging active transportation. DHHS organizes the annual Anchorage Bike-To-Work Day. 

Walk/Bike Alaska


Walk/Bike Alaska is a group designed to help promote biking and walking in Alaska. They aim to foster statewide bike and walk advocacy programs.  

Bike and Ped Organizations

Alliance for Biking & Walking


The Alliance for Biking & Walking helps biking and walking advocacy groups obtain the tools they need to win campaigns that revitalize communities into better places to bike or walk. They have over 200 groups throughout North America and work with communities, providing coaching, campaign support, and funding.      

Pedestrian and Bicycling Information Center (PBIC)


PBIC promotes current and accurate bicycling and walking education, provides expert technical assistance, and generates groups that increase exposure of bike and pedestrian issues to the public. They maintain several websites, and produce reports, guides, and case studies to help communities build their own walking and cycling infrastructure.   

National Center for Bicycling and Walking (NCBW)


NCBW aims to change how biking and walking infrastructure is planned, designed and managed. They believe the best way to achieve a more walkable and bikeable community is to start with the public's voiced concerns, followed by support from national, state, and local policies and programs.